Warrior Mission Ranch

Empowering and strengthening the hearts and minds of those who are warriors at heart

eQuine Programs

Someone once said, the best healing for the inside of a man is the outside of a horse.

We use horses for equine activities to assist with Post Traumatic Growth. Individuals living with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) will be exposed to everything from basic grooming and cattle work to even in some cases advanced riding.

We have developed a leadership training module called our Warrior Mission Ranch Academy,  where we have partnered with various trainers to develop individual skills. Once an individual skill is proficient we then move on to group tasks. We believe in Veterans teaching Veterans. Once a Veteran in our program becomes trained in a skill they become the mentor for the upcoming Veteran. Trust me just as a Green Beret teaching small unit tactics in a foreign country, you will lean more from teaching than anything else. The program culminates in taking a small trained unit of Veterans onto a working cattle ranch to put their skills to the test. This is where the unit challenges their leadership and team building skills to accomplish the mission at hand. You will be tired, dirty, sore, and on top of the world accomplishing something new. This is not the time to quit, this is the time to “Change and grow from Challenges”

There are many benefits to partaking in Warrior Mission Ranch Academy activities from individual growth, confidence building and learning to trust again. Even when people feel that they have no outlet, a horse will always be there for you. Warrior Mission Ranch helps participants take what they learn on the ranch and apply that to all aspects of their lives.

There is so many similarities between Cowboys and Veterans! Our programs expose Warriors to the “cowboy way of life.” Both tracts focus on leadership, healing, and accomplishment.

Competition tracts in AQHA events:

Set your goals high! Learn and train in a AQHA discipline to start competing!

WMR is teaming up with trainers to help our Warriors to achieve their goals in competing in AQHA events. If you are interested in joining the WMR team let us know.

1.     Working Cow Horse

2.     Team Roping

3.     Team Penning/Ranch Cutting

4.     Mounted shooting

Equine Leadership Tract:

Once a Warrior is trained, they must sign on for the mission the next Warrior. This is where we take a “never ever” and teach the skills in basic horsemanship. We believe in once you sign up to learn a new skill you than must share that knowledge with the next Warrior. Not only will you find a new passion and purpose but then you will develop your leadership and communication skills as you share that passion with.


Warrior Mission Ranch focuses on using unconventional methods to build and foster character and leadership traits. Founders, Major Michael McCave and Officer Joseph Agustin, use their battle tested experience when mentoring, managing and developing cutting edge teams. Based on specific needs and goals of the participants, all events are geared to challenge and promote personal growth.


Warrior Mission Ranch focuses on skills and training that will enable “warriors at heart” to rebuild their inner moral courage, their ability to communicate, and improve decision making skills.


Warrior Mission Ranch is a gateway for an array of equestrian and service dog respite programs that soothe and help overcome the many physical and emotional challenges of the “warrior at heart.”

Warrior Mission Ranch is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization founded by two life long friends, Mike an Army Special Forces Operator and Joey a Dual purpose Police K9 Handler. Warrior Mission Ranch specializes in unconventional team building, equine activities as well as the training and placing of service dogs. We work not only with Military Veterans and Law Enforcement Officers living with physical and or mental service related trauma but those that have a heart of a “Warrior.”

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