Team Building

Empowering and strengthening the hearts and minds of those who are warriors at heart

Building the Team

Warrior Mission Ranch’s founder brings experience and skill to the table. Michael McCave is a battle tested Special Forces Operator. McCave has experience mentoring, managing and developing cutting edge teams with soldiers as a prior Special Forces commander. McCave has been in and out of the governmental and private sector in his journey to bring the best unconventional methods to accomplish the mission at hand.

McCave brings to the table a vast knowledge of applied knowledge and skills as well as a strong bench of professionals to lean on for assistance, professionals who also see the cause and have vowed to help in their area of expertise.

There are several populations that could benefit from team-building instruction and activities. Team-building exercises and instruction afford individuals the opportunity to grow exponentially in several aspects of their lives. After considering the populations that could benefit from this type of instruction and training, veterans, first responders, corporations, small businesses, church and youth groups appear to be the most appropriate to begin catering to. Veterans and First Responders are a very specific population that will benefit from this type of training and experience because it will help them to increase their confidence in their abilities and potential. This type of experience will help to strengthen their belief in self and may deter them from believing the lie that they need to rely on others, the government, etc., to survive. With regards to corporations and small businesses, many times when they revamp their infrastructure or when they hire new employees, one of their first ideas is to do a team-building activity to get to know one another and investigate each team player’s strengths and weaknesses and what each person “brings to the table”. Warrior Mission Ranch’s (WMR) program will help to provide them a clear picture of these characteristics and help enhance their leadership skills using unconventional methods. Lastly, with respect to church groups and youth groups, specifically in young men, we are seeing more and more that these young men are not getting the faith-based foundation needed to become strong leaders. Our program will help to foster the important and necessary foundational skills that are intricate to development of character.

Our leadership development enhances the quality of the individual within our teams. We focus on skills and training that will enable the veteran to better learn how to influence, communicate, make better decisions and help build their moral courage.

Our desire is to empower the veteran with many tools to help them in their lives. From making better decisions, having access to information and resources or making the veteran realize – they can still make a difference.

Our team building activities are broken down into four major themes: 1. Survival 2. Equine-based 3. Canine-based 4. Sports-based.

Our leadership development will enhance the quality of the individual within the team. We will focus on skills and training that will enable the veteran to better learn how to influence, communicate, make better decisions and help build their morale.


Survival Experience

Our survival camp experience will be an incredible weekend of learning and challenging oneself and one’s team to survive in the wilderness. Based on the group’s request, we can accommodate a standard or an extreme survival experience.

In both the standard and extreme modes, the individual will learn from Special Forces veterans and survival experts to survive using only primitive means which are available. We will take the participants on a mock mission, where they will have to plan, train, and execute their mission as one unit. 

They’ll learn the basics of survival, including how to find and prepare food and water, build a fire and construct a shelter. The course will also include an introduction to wilderness first aid and land navigation. For example, in the extreme experience, the participants will learn what it means to build the trust and team work of a Special Forces Operational Detachment. They will operate in a “denied” territory. Not only will they have to accomplish their tasks but they will have to do it while under extreme pressure.

They will learn what it takes to build the confidence and courage to accomplish a mission with their team; without the option of failure. In this scenario the participant could be pursued by man and K9’s.

Since they will be on the move, they will not be provided tents or cots. They will have to sleep under the security of the stars and the watchful eyes of their teammates.


Equine Experience

It is said that, “the best thing for the inside of a man, is the outside of a horse”. Each participant will learn what it means to become a cowboy and experience what it takes to build a bond with a horse. Each individual will enhance his or her leadership and communication skills, while challenging the overall team, to accomplish old western tasks with their new 1200 lb partner.

Our Equine-based program, offers the ability for each participant to experience what his or her own leadership approach looks like, with an unbiased guiding view. The participants will be taught basic horsemanship skills, participate in leadership classes focused around the horses, and then they will be able to put their new-found leadership skills to the test.


Canine Based

If horses are not the client’s preference, the group will be able to enjoy a weekend learning from some of our top K9 instructors. We can tailor this training to help the participants have more confidence in themselves and the ability to provide direction to their canine-partner.

We will run them through obstacle courses with their K9 and the team will look for clear and concise leadership and direction.


Sports Based

If the client enjoys sports, we offer their team to shed a “bead of sweat” with one of our Professional Athletes. We can tailor the group’s needs to address physical skills, as we bring them through a mock Special Forces team week. During the Special Forces selection process, one of the major factors that prevents Soldiers from passing selection is “team week.”

Here, we will put the clients though mock missions where they will have to organize their team and accomplish the mission under the pressure of time. It will challenge them to push through a physical threshold and work together as a team.

We will coach the clients and help them hone their leadership skills to gain the respect and influence of their team, to accomplish any task.

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