Warrior Mission Ranch

Empowering the Hearts and Minds of those that are Warriors at Heart


Warrior Mission Ranch focuses on using unconventional methods to build and foster character and leadership traits. Founders, Major Michael McCave and Officer Joseph Agustin, use their battle tested experience when mentoring, managing and developing cutting edge teams. Based on specific needs and goals of the participants, all events are geared to challenge and promote personal growth.


Warrior Mission Ranch focuses on skills and training that will enable “warriors at heart” to rebuild their inner moral courage, their ability to communicate, and improve decision making skills.


Warrior Mission Ranch is a gateway for an array of equestrian and service dog respite programs that soothe and help overcome the many physical and emotional challenges of the “warrior at heart.”

Warrior Mission Ranch is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization founded by two life long friends, Mike an Army Special Forces Operator and Joey a Dual purpose Police K9 Handler. Warrior Mission Ranch specializes in unconventional team building, equine activities as well as the training and placing of service dogs. We work not only with Military Veterans and Law Enforcement Officers living with physical and or mental service related trauma but those that have a heart of a “Warrior.”

Michael McCave

President and Founder

Michael McCave U.S. ARMY SPECIAL FORCES (RET.) a former Green Beret in the Army Special Forces. He has served a number of deployments overseas and has a passion for the therapeutic use of horses.  During a High Altitude Low Open—HALO—training exercise he experienced a parachute malfunction which resulted in hitting the ground at over 100mph which resulted in severe trauma which included fractured legs, shattered ankles, broken back, traumatic brain injury, and open book pelvis fracture. He attributes equine therapy to his full recovery. Read his full story here.

Joseph Agustin

Co-Founder Master K9 Trainer

Joseph Agustin is a K9 Police Handler and has been actively involved with his departments K9 Unit. He is a certified trainer through Virginia Police Work Dog Association (VPWDA) and a trainer with his Police Department. Joseph grew up training upland bird hunting dogs and fell into place working police apprehension and explosives dogs. Joseph currently owns an dog obedience and behavior modification company. His niche is training service dogs for vets and Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) who benefit from a service dog who will work well in the fields 

Sarah McCave

Treasurer and Director

Sarah McCave is the Treasurer and a Director of Warrior’s Mission Ranch. She is a mother, a wife and has been a Speech-Language Pathologist for eleven years. Her interest and passion for horses began a few years ago after her husband Michael had gotten hurt and was attending Therapeutic Riding lessons at a Therapeutic Riding Center in San Diego, CA. Being around horses became something that she looked forward to each week and she pursued how to incorporate horses into her career as a Speech-Language Pathologist. Sarah has currently completed the Level 1 Hippotherapy Treatment Principles course. (Hippotherapy is physical, occupational, or speech and language therapy where assistance is derived from the help of a horse.)

Alice Heimerle


Alice Heimerle is the Secretary of Warrior Mission Ranch. She has 12 years of horsemanship experience and a background in English riding; specifically eventing, combined training and dressage. Additionally, Alice has volunteer experience at a Hippotherapy clinic helping with care of horses, side walking and support riding.

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